Becoming a Certified First Responder

Not everyone is cut out for a job where you are put in the line of fire as part of the job description. But the fact is that such jobs have to be done by someone. And if you are the type of person who is great in a crisis, and you do not mind a job that can be physically demanding, then being a first responder or a firefighter is something that you may want to consider. It is the type of job that does not require a huge amount of education, pays well and offers great benefits. And it can be done as long as you are certified for the particular job.

Certified First Responders

Whenever people see first responders in their cbrn gear, they just assume these people are very brave. And while that is true, first responders also go through a lot of training. It is not just bravery and physical skills that will get you through such a situation. When one understands the duties of a first responder, the fact they require so much training is easy to understand. These are people who are going in during natural disasters and other horrible events. They must be properly trained to ensure they are helping others and not putting their own lives in danger.

First responders are required to go through many different types of training before they are qualified for the job. The first step is to ensure that someone has a high school diploma or GED. If they do not have this qualification they are not considered for the position. Then it is a matter of getting certification for CPR and other emergency operations that may need to be performed at the scene of an incident. CPR training does not take more than a couple days.

cbrn gearunderstands the duties of a first responder

First Responder Training

The main step is to get the required first responder training by the state where you plan on serving. In the United States, each state will have its own requirements. While most of the requirements are the same, each state does have some specifics that you will need to know about. But one thing that is in common is the fact that you have to go to an approved first responder course to get the necessary certification. It is typically a course that is around 40 hours and can last anywhere from one to two months, depending on whether you are working while studying.

There is a certification test that is given out by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians that must be passed if someone wants to work as a first responder. And that is necessary if you want to find work as a certified first responder. Now it may seem like a lot of work and training, but the fact is that first responders make a good amount of money. It is common to make anywhere from $30,000 to $50,000 a year as a first responder, depending on where you live. And the training is necessary to do the job safely!