How to Improve the Efficiency of Your Heat Pump

Improving your heat pump efficiency is a great way to ensure warmth and comfort during the cold months of the year as well as to prolong the life expectancy of your unit.  It is fairly simple to maintain an efficient heat pump and is well-worth the effort.  Use the four tips here to improve the efficiency of your heat pump and avoid repairs from The Heat Pump Store.  Why not prevent problems with your homes heating before they occur when doing so is simple?

Change the Refrigerant

Refrigerant is used to carry heat to the compressor from the original source. If it is low, it weakens the performance of the pump. The liquid can easily evaporate and leak through gaps in the pump. Check the refrigerant levels and keep them filled to the manufacturer’s recommended levels. Also be on the lookout for leaks, which can wreak havoc on the pipes in the ductwork. If new refrigerant is needed, replace it promptly to keep the heat pump providing optimum performance.

Keep the Filters Clean

Dirty filters affect the ductwork on your heating system, depriving it of efficiency as dirt, dust, and other debris collects and then redistributes through your home. When this debris clogs the filter, it causes the heat pump to work harder to provide heat through the house. It is easy to replace the filters in the heat pump and stop these worries. Filters cost just a few dollars and sense a professional isn’t needed to replace them, there’s no reason to avoid completing the task.

Keep the Heat Pump Clean

The Heat Pump Storereplace the filters

Cleanliness is important and so you should keep the heat pump clean. Both the inside and outside of the pump should be cleaned with a garden hose to remove dirt. A broom and vacuum are also clean the heat pump, instantly removing debris. Clean the heat pump coils as well, which immediately improves efficiency. And finally, be sure the motor of the heat pump has plenty of oil to ensure that it operates correctly.

Schedule Preventative Maintenance

Call the experts before problems occur to minimize the need for repair. Preventative maintenance is a service that keeps the heat pump and all its moving parts working smoothly. The parts are cleaned, and you’ll notice a major difference in the performance of the unit and the heat that you enjoy. It is ideal to schedule annual preventative maintenance to keep the heat pump working effectively and efficiently throughout the winter and fall seasons.

It is simple to improve the efficiency of your heat pump, in turn increasing the lifetime of the unit as well as its overall performance. You can certainly appreciate a heat pump that keeps you warm and comfortable when it is cold outside, all without breaking the bank in the process. The four tips above are a few of the ideal ways to maximize the efficiency of your heat pump.  Use these tips to get the most from your heating unit.